It's the most fun you'll have this Halloween season!

Boney Island features skeletons performing rope tricks, levitating through hoops, and shadow puppetry. There are side show-type gags and a host of other oddities, including singing shrubbery, anti-gravity water, bantering spiders, a flock of skeletal hummingbirds, and many other details that even long-time fans will not have seen on previous visits.

All of your favorites are back, plus the skeletons have a few new tricks up their sleeves!

See Maestro Maxilla, your animated skeleton host, and a cluster of rascally cauldrons that have minds - and attitudes - of their own. Water dances and leaps from cauldron to cauldron as music plays, and a stunning assortment of grinning Jack-o'-lanterns perform, all synced in time with the music!

Prepare to be dazzled!

Boney Island
Dates & times

Stay Tuned for Further Details.


Stay Tuned for Further Details.


Tickets are $15 per person.
Children under 2 free.

T-shirts and other merchandise will be available for purchase.

Can I leave and come back?
Your hand stamp will let you come and go throughout the evening.

Is Boney Island family friendly?
Absolutely. It's perfect for all ages.
There is no gore, scares or actors that jump out at you.
It's full of humor, magic, and Halloween fun!

Can I bring my stroller?
We understand that families usually have to travel with a lot of supplies and we'll have a designated stroller parking area for your convenience.

Are dogs allowed?
We love dogs, BUT for the comfort of all guests and the integrity of the installations, we can only allow certified service animals into our event.